The Ultimate Christmas Designs For Your Store


It’s November and for any expert shopper, that means it’s Christmas! Or, at least, it’s time to start thinking about it. And if you’re struggling to think of amazing new designs for your store for your loyal customers, Stock Transfers have got the new designs in for you with premium quality decals which results in fabulous looking prints using heat transfer.

With just over a month till Santa visits, it will come as no surprise that many of us are starting to prepare for the Holiday traffic of new incoming orders from previous and new buyers and when that happens, we are all prepared with our A-Game with newly built designs. 

Here are some of them shown below for you.


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We have all shopped online forever but, lately it has been like competing in the Olympics for groceries, homewares, clothing and even car parts and we’re sure that this isn’t unique to us. 

Living with a pandemic has certainly meant we’ve had to adapt, but when it came to ramping up our online shopping experience so our customers could stay home and stay safe – we were super happy to adapt!

As more and more people are now stationed to “work from home”, we have more buyers than ever online looking to shop. Now, that they had a nice long time to live and work from home that they are now realizing how they can improve upon their lifestyle including upgrading their curtains and remodeling their kitchen etc. 

This certainly includes shopping for more apparel and what better way to start looking is to start with Christmas themed ones. We’re surely planning ahead of time, are you? 

To quote “McAfee USA Survey Fact Sheet 2020”, here are some of the key factors which can help you ramp up your online or POS sales by at least 25%

  • This holiday season, consumers plan to shop earlier, more often with 36% of respondents planning to do more of their holiday shopping online 
  • 33% are planning to do their holiday shopping earlier; and only 19% are still planning to do in-stores shopping 
  • 58% of respondents between the ages of 55-64 are now shopping online 1-5 days a week due to the pandemic and mostly stores being closed.

So, now that I have laid out the plan for you, what would be your next course of action? 

If you would like to know more, we’re always available for your assistance. Just email us at and voila! We’re there for you 😎

Thank you!
John Reed

Stock Transfers