RAWR! Animal Designs are In!

Who doesn’t love animals? With their cute noses, adorable paws, and soft fur, customers who are animal lovers are another demographic that you can target with these incredible, fascinating, and dynamic heat transfers.

The power of custom heat transfers is that we can add as many designs as you want! Some customers prefer quotes that show their love for their pets, some prefer a cute cat on the tshirt decals while others looking for something funny.

That's the beauty of these transfers, whether it’s a leopard print, a cute cat on a t-shirt, or a funny quote showing love for their pets, t-shirt designs with animal references on them are hip and trendy!

There are tons of different types of animal lovers out there and this is your chance to appeal to them by including these designs right in your inventory.



Dogs are the most loyal friends to humans. Their friendship, loyalty, and incredible cuteness has dominated the world and made humans have a great appreciation for dogs. They are popular animals that have captured the hearts of millions, if not billions.

These heat transfers will attract a new target audience for you, dog owners. Dog owners and dog fans look for anything to show off their pets. They might already have Instagram accounts specifically for their little friends. This is your chance to give them the tools show off their love for their bundles of joy and adding these designs to your store can put you on the right path towards success. From best iron on vinyl to inkjet heat transfer papers, it's time to stock up and get selling!



Adorable, sweet, and sometimes evil! (Just kidding we love kitties) Cats are spectacular, you can’t deny it. They are great companions that are easy to care for and funny to play with. Right now, cats are one of the funniest trends on the internet with memes and jokes revolved around kitties and motivational posters with a cat hanging from a rope.

These designs will help you appeal to cat parents all over the country or, even, the world. Since cats are seen as lazy, there are tons of heat transfers and tshirt decals you can stock up on that plays cats as funny creatures. Cat owners would get a kick out of them for sure!



Whether you’re scared of bears or love them, these designs will tug at your customers’ heartstrings and show a new appreciation for these gorgeous animals. You can, either, include funky and chaotic designs or something a little funnier and sarcastic. Both styles would bring in the footfall you need.

Stock Transfers makes sure we are stocked with tons of heat transfers, haha get it? In all seriousness, you, as a business-owner, are always looking for what to do next. With us as your suppliers, you never have to think about that. We are always here for you with Our tshirt decals and the latest trends.

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