The New Trends of the Month - October

It’s a new month and a new list of cool designs that are ready in our library to add to your stores! That’s the beauty of new trends when it comes to heat transfers. We study the market well and thoroughly to make sure that you have the best of the best in your store.

Styles change every now and then, new movements emerge and take over the world, new generations become older and ask for a few specific things, and the Earth keeps churning out new fashion, new fabs, and new interests. That’s the beauty of our industry. We can find out exactly what is being talked about and create custom screen print transfers that will bring about a new sense of style and trendy designs to your store.


When it comes to fun designs, there is so many options out there and we are constantly adding tshirt decals and heat transfers that will give you the tools to bring in more customers. There are so many interesting, funny, and quirky designs that the trends keep coming!

Take a look at our diverse library at and choose the best design you believe your customers are looking for. Whether it is heat transfer paper for t shirts or sublimation and screen print transfers, the world of t-shirt designs is yours to explore!


One of the world’s largest Volksfest happens in Germany every single year from late September to the first Sunday of October. And, guess what, it’s filled with beer! It makes even more appropriate to stock up on this cool and witty beer designs in your store. With October coming in so close, that’s what customers are looking for.

On the brighter side, it gives you a chance to play with the trends while also talking about BEER! Cheers!

Breast Cancer Awareness

We’ve mentioned this time and time again and we’re proud of it! October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness and it’s time for you to help your customers who are fighting the battle and who are survivors to be in the spotlight. These dynamic and powerful heat transfers will add some diversity to your store and give you a whole new demographics of clientele that you can tap into.

We really hope you found this article useful. Every month we are adding more and more tshirt transfers to our library that will help you evolve as a store. Whether new artists emerge, new trends come in style, and new holidays approach, Stock Transfers makes sure that you have the tools you need to stay relevant in the audience’s mind. Our job is to help you tap into new markets and improve your sales. With our insights and your store, nothing will stop you from taking over the market.

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Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers