12 Million American Hunters Want Witty Designs

Hunters believe their hobby to be more than just a sport... Most of them see hunting as their natural heritage. They are passionate about the mystery, challenge, and adventure that this primal interaction with nature brings to them! This is what made us create a library of heat press transfers for those adventurers who live and breathe hunting, typically within the whole family, or also as a solo sport.

Believe it or not, there are over 12 million American hunters over the age of 16 who do hunting fervently, and with respect to wildlife! These customers love the outdoors, group hunting activities, and being at one with nature. For this big group of hobbyists, we have created original designs that work for iron-on transfer and vinyl T-shirt printing machines.

It’s hard to tell apart a hunter from a non-hunter if they enter your store… That wouldn’t be the case if you have stocked up on funny hunting heat press designs, which will get a spot on by that particular group of customers in an instant! Their passion for hunting won’t go unnoticed. All it takes is to take that venture and print your designs on transfer paper and do your iron-on or vinyl printing magic. The rest will follow…

Another key benefit of those customers for your business is that they typically buy heat press transfers for their extended family, kids, spouses, and relatives who are also keen on the sport. It doesn’t matter if you sell iron-on transfers for T-shirts or ones printed via a vinyl machine. If it says hunting on them, they will more than likely buy it!

Hunt Wife


It’s not unusual to see more men hunters than women, or children. This is why our heat transfer designs are oriented more towards these types of customers, who are traditionally known to be most passionate about hunting. They are also the ones who find joy in sharing their love for hunting with their spouses and kids. In our selection of vinyl and iron-on transfers for T-shirts, there is something for every member of the family.


Older hunters are also the ones that recruit younger ones and show pride in their ‘natural heritage’ of being the best and the most skilled at what they do. This is why we created heat transfer designs that show the funny and noble side of hunting that these customers cherish!

Just Shoot It

Hunting Legend


Vinyl T-shirt printing works perfectly with these two hunting designs. They are simple, yet witty so expert hunters and families that are into hunting, would appreciate the humor in these instantaneously. What’s great about these designs is the simple black and white color pattern. So, practically, all you need is some transfer paper, a stock of T-shirts and you are ready to roll!
If you are interested in our heat press transfer designs for hunters, get in touch with us for more information! We’re always happy to assist you whenever you need us.

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