Designs that Make Great Gifts

One thing customers look for when it comes to tshirt decals are how they can give them as funny, quirky, or empowering gifts! Do you remember the “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt that became such a gag gift everyone had been giving it to their friends? That’s what people love, gifts that can be so funny and quirky that they would make great gag gifts. Stock Transfers keeps this in mind with all the heat transfers in our shirt decals wholesale that will help you bring in customers who are searching for amazing gifts.

There are so many more reasons why t-shirts make wonderful gifts. Let’s look through them. First, they can suit any interest. Let’s say your customers have a friend who is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z, the anime. Stock Transfers has heat transfers that are catered to these interests. It could be anything really, music, sports, cartoons, funny quotes, anything at all!

Second, tshirt decals are gifts that last. Friends or loved ones can give them gifts and the t-shirts would be wearable for a very long time. Third, it adds some style. This is your job as a t-shirt business owner to give people the style and edge with modern designs. That’s why our library is packed with incredible designs to elevate the fashion and the style!


Who doesn’t love a little gag gift? Imagine giving a t-shirt to someone you love with the text “Asshole with Feelings.” How funny is that? This is one of the biggest reasons that heat transfers can make perfect gifts for your customers. Everyone loves a little funny gift that puts a smile on people’s faces. This is your chance to stock up on these hilarious designs. You can even check our entire library for more of these. Just type FUN in the search box at



Whether your customers are looking for a gift for their significant others or a gift for their best friends forever, t-shirts are always a great option! Heat transfers can help you stock up on matching designs that couples can use to show their love or best friends can use to tell the world who their special someone is! We’ve got tons of options for you to choose from with different techniques of printing such as transfer paper t shirt printing or heat press screen print transfers.

The choices are endless so make sure exactly what your customers want and need and let’s get printing!


Interests are another way that customers would choose their gifts for friends or loved ones. It’s a great way to show what their hobbies are with some great heat transfers that will give your customers just what they need for the perfect gift.

At Stock Transfers, our library of designs are endless. It will give you the chance to stock up on some creative designs that will help your customers make better gift decisions. Whether they’re looking for musical designs, funny quotes, or anything in between, Stock Transfers is the place to stock up!

Happy Transfers,

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