Give Your Customers a Platform of Support

The more we get close and closer to October, the more you’ll hear about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Your customers, mostly your women clientele, would be looking for ways to spread the word and that’s a good thing. We as t-shirt designer and sellers, need to help give them the platform to do that. This is a very important topic and cause that they are fighting for, we need to make it easy for them. Let’s make sure your customers get all the designs they need to fight for women empowerment and spread the word of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Let’s get some facts straight, Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer types in American woman. Today, there are more than 3 million Breast Cancer survivors and they are all still fighting for the cause. They are heroes, and you need to give them their capes.




Until now, there are over 3.5 million women in the United States of America that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That’s a whopping amount. While so many brave and courageous women have recovered and beat Breast Cancer, many are still fighting through it. That’s why Stock Transfers has decided to include these incredible heat transfers to help your customers get through the fight of Breast Cancer.

Whether they are battling the condition or supporting a friend or family member, these designs will help raise their voices as the strong and proud women that they are.




Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. Going through this life-changing thing is incredibly hard for everyone. Support is what is needed. Stock Transfers has added these tshirt decals to the library for everyone to show their support to the strong women battling Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer survivors and battlers need the support, a friend, a family member. They want to feel like they aren’t alone in this cruel world.

You, as a tshirt store owner, have the power to show them that they will never be alone. Whether you’re looking for t shirt printing paper or even best iron on vinyl, we have it all. You can take whatever you need and give people the support they need.



Whatever you do in the industry, there should always be hope. These custom heat transfers will give your customers hope for a better future. They will have the hope, the support, and the faith to keep going, keep fighting, and to keep showing their loved ones what it means to be strong and determined.

That’s what women fighting Breast Cancer are looking for. They need the strength, hope, and support of those around them. When women stick together against Breast Cancer, anything and everything is possible.                                                               

At Stock Transfers, we are always adding tshirt transfers that can raise voices, encourage strength, and motivate the fights for a better tomorrow. We want to see your customers feeling powerful and unstoppable. Your customers would love what we are offering in our library.

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Happy Transfers,

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