Heat Transfers vs Pre-Printed

At Stock Transfers we’re like a family. We got each other’s backs. We don’t only provide you with designs to upgrade your store's inventory but we are also passionate about educating businesses on the world of t-shirt designs.

There’s a misconception about what the difference between heat transfers and pre-printed, or screen printed designs. That’s normal to be a bit confused. We’re here to give you the scoop about the main differences so you can make better decisions.

Screen Printing or Pre-Printed

When designs are created using the screen printing process, we use actual screens to print the designs. Special screens are used to create a stencil of the design and ink is spread over it. The ink will pass through the stencil and print on the t-shirt only in places the stencil allows.

With screen printing, you can only use one color. You may need to use multiple stencils or screens to have a multi-colored design on the shirt. This costs way more, because you paying per each extra color. (usually will be more expensive then a heat transfer)

Heat Transfers

Heat Transfers are done in a different way. You can create customer prints on anything! Whether they were t-shirts or tablecloths. Heat Transfers combine heat and pressure to print designs. This includes vinyl heat transfer and digital print heat transfer.

Vinyl heat transfers are done by using a machine to cut out the designs. Then, heat would be applied to transfer each color onto the t-shirt. Digital prints are done differently. It is done using a solvent ink which allows the design to be transferred from a paper to the shirt.

The Main Difference

The great thing about heat transfers is that you can buy the design and shirt separately and only print the designs when a customer asks. This means you don’t need to buy t-shirts in bulk. With Pre-printed, you would buy the t-shirts with the design whether a customer wants them or not.

This is why we provide you with Heat Transfers so that you can control the purchase and sales of design. You don’t need to buy 20 pre-printed t-shirts and only sell one of them, leaving you with 19 shirts that are never sold.

With heat transfers, you can buy designs according to your own demand. It’s the best of both worlds.

Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers