Hot Off The Stove February Designs

February is starting strong! We have a whole bunch of new designs that we want you to feel inspired and empowered by…Now is the time to brush up on your sales skills and get absolutely relentless! Bring your A-game back on and explore what’s new in the calendar for you. We have brought a whole new range of heat transfers for tastes and lifestyles of all sorts. 


You just need to find out what your customers LOVE… and totally smash it this month!


Even though February may seem a little short on time to call it a worthy season, there are plenty of selling opportunities throughout. All month is dedicated to Black History, the commemoration of black culture, romance, and the start of the end to the winter chill! Those are already plenty of reasons to grab a fresh pick of heat transfers and bring your business back to the pre-Christmas momentum. 


Remember that the best heat transfers for your T-shirts and garments are the ones that reflect the communal moods and reflections. Once you crack that, all you need is a vinyl press, some decent quality fabric, and an on-point marketing approach! We provide you with the best quality plastisol transfers which can be applied easily and last for hundreds of washings. This means that you can count on high-quality designs, without the hassle of doing your own vinyl T-shirt printing.


Use our high-grade plastisol paper and take a pick of heat transfer designs that match your customers’ feelings this February. Here are some suggestions that may spark your imagination and motivate you to bring your vinyl T-shirt press back to the business.


Thick AF

Badass with Good Ass


Less than two months into the year, many of us are feeling “Thick AF” and that’s totally understandable! These heat transfer designs empower the authentic voice of people and their arena to speak their truth… If their print says they are a badass, they probably mean it!


The current moods also point in one direction: Freedom and Zero Trust To Politics! Your best picks will certainly differ based on age, color, and location but you can definitely count on simple, generic designs to do the job with the masses despite the differences in tastes and belief systems. 

Here you go, some heat transfers for sassy customers that can’t and won’t keep it in! Use our high-quality paper, transfer your designs on some comfy fabric and let your designs speak for them…


You could also put your vinyl T-shirt press to good use and make all the introverts happy this February! For those who like to stay in and enjoy their alone time, we have a few funny design suggestions to match these feelings.




Have you also looked through our Cannabis gallery lately? We have some smoking hot suggestions that will keep the incentive to stay chill and positive despite the odds!


Explore our latest designs and take your pick! We have something for everyone…


Happy Transfers
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