Jim Biggies LLC on How to Build a Successful T-shirt Business


We’re honored to have the free speech advocate– Jim Biggie’s – share his unfiltered and genuine thoughts on the T-shirt printing industry! Open and unapologetic as usual, he speaks right on target about his winning approach to generating revenue streams and the chosen brand model that makes his name stand out from the rest.  


It’s pretty hard not to fall for his raw & righteous outlook to making business, which has proven effectual in his return investment and real-life customer reach.


Jim Biggie’s takes pride in his custom-print techniques, heat transfers choices and main message that we endorse strongly, knowing the business firsthand & partnering together in our joint professional mission within the Tee industry. 


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Can you introduce your name and brand name to our readers?


James McGuire - doing business as: Jim Biggies LLC.



How did you start building your T-shirt business?


After deciding to retire early, after 2 years of doing nothing I decided to open another business that did not require employees. It had to be one that allowed me to do as much or as little as I chose to and also one that I would enjoy staying busy with. It also needed to be something for which I could use my 37 years of experience to make the process easier and more streamlined than the typical mom & pop operation.


Where do you sell your branded clothing: Online or in a physical store?


I sell mainly at events like Sportsmen’s shows and Flea markets. I also sell online through my own website.


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How long did it take you to build your business?


It took me about 7 months to build to $300K in gross revenue. Then, a year and half later I was making $625K annually.


Did they need to focus a lot on marketing?


I personally did not invest a lot of time in marketing.  Printed apparel is a very cluttered industry where literally tens of thousands of small businesses are fighting for the same customers while investing time and money into a 99% losing battle. Statistically, only 1% will actually see a strong return on that investment.


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What do you like the most about stock transfers?


I have flattering opinions about stock transfers, and I also have some unflattering ones as well. I am surprised no questions are being asked of that? When a business wants to ramp up the most important information is what they can do better, not what do you like about us.  


So I won’t digress and specifically answer this question.  What I like about your company is prompt shipping a nice variety of designs and the consistency of the product. 


Which of our design categories work best for you?


From stock transfers, the Pro USA driven designs are my go-to along with 2nd amendment.


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How is the quality of our transfers?


The silkscreen transfers are great. They press well, they adhere well and the colors hold during the application process. Not a fan of the cold peel. They are overpriced and anyone will a vinyl plotter or cricket and can make their own for under a dollar for one color.



What would you say to someone who is not sure about buying from stock transfers?


I would tell them this, for silkscreened transfers you cannot go wrong with their quality and the prompt shipping.


No business is perfect so every once in a while expect something is going to slip through but it’s not the end of the world 100% perfection does not exist.


What skills they needed to be successful in the Heat transfers business?


  1. A good work ethic.
  2. Vision
  3. The ability to adapt quickly to changing market trends.
  4. Find your market and zero in on it, don’t be distracted by being everything to everybody. 
  5. Build relationships with all reliable and quality suppliers, one natural disaster, and one fire at a supplier’s facility, can destroy the business you are trying to build when they cannot supply you.  Never put all your eggs in one basket as the saying goes. 


To find out more about Jim Biggies LLC, feel free to check out his official vendor page for more T-shirt designs and freedom of speech inspirations!


More valuable insights from the T-shirt business coming soon...!