Matching Designs that Show Love & Affection

Now, let’s get something straight. You can’t have a t-shirt store without including some of these matching designs for couples. I mean, come on. They’re incredibly cute, in demand, and lovely gag gifts that couples can give to each other. They’re very trending at the moment and we couldn’t even count how many matching accessories we saw out there.

Think about it, these designs for couples just might be what your store needs to turn a profit.

Here are some of the funniest and best designs for couples:


Ah, the swoosh. Who doesn’t know what that is? No one, that’s right. This design plays to the trends and your customers’ wittiness when it comes to giving their spouses a gift. With the addition of a loving message in red, these designs can quickly grab attentions and will, definitely, create a few laughs.




We all love the “I’m with stupid” t-shirts with the arrow that is pointing to someone. That always gives us a laugh and they were a HUGE hit. Stock Transfers is giving you that concept with an added sprinkle of love for your customers.



One of the biggest rules when it comes to marriage is to keep the wife happy. We’re sure the people who come into your store have felt that way as well. Why not let them express themselves with these funny matching shirts?



Who remembers this font? We remember it from the happiest moments of our childhood, except when it came to Grumpy! These designs will play to the silly notion of a couple wearing matching t-shirts. It’s, absolutely, incredible for that witty couple who love to joke around. Put these in your stores and see how fast they will be taken off the shelf.



Bringing in a little joke about whiskey and wine is what makes this country great. These matching designs will tug at the heartstrings of your customers. It doesn’t even have to be for people who are couples, these designs are so versatile that friends will get a kick out of them. It’s the perfect design for all types of relationships. Your customers will love it, we promise!





Now, these are super designs. Haha, get it?

What’s incredible about these is that kids would usually buy them as gag gifts for their parents. That means you have two huge demographics to target with these t-shirt designs. Parents would want to get them for themselves or their children would buy them for their anniversary.

Either way, with this addition to your store, you can play it well and make a solid profit.



If you liked any of these, Stock Transfers has a wide library filled with witty, trendy, humorous, and incredible designs that your customers would love. You are able to target so many different types of customers because we’ve got designs for everyone. Literally, for everyone.

If you have any questions about what we have or would like to order some to showcase in your store, we’d love to help you out.


Team Stock Transfers