Matching Designs with the Significant Other

Who doesn’t love matching designs? Whether your customers want to joke around with their friends or tell the world who they love the most, having matching heat transfers on t-shirts in your store can up your game when it comes to bringing in new clientele.

These custom heat transfers would bring a smile to your customers while also making passers-by wonder where they got such a brilliant idea. Everyone loves a good laugh, and this is exactly what you would get with these incredible t-shirt decals.



These high-quality heat transfers will bring an urban, city-vibe to the lucky couple who gets to wear them. It’s for the modern customer who loves to stick to the trends with edgy t-shirt decals and a significant other by their side.



Matching t-shirts aren’t just for couples and relationships, best friends could even get a kick out of them. These Plastisol Ink Screen print transfers, can be a perfect gift for two friends who spend every day together. They got each other’s backs and are looking for t-shirt designs that will tell that to the world.



These matching designs are perfect for moms and dads. It brings humor, truth, and sarcasm and we’re sure their kids would slap their palms over their faces. Imagine your customers walking down the street with these on their t-shirts. We’re sure people would be asking them where they got them. That’s exposure for your store all by itself!

To make things even cuter, these heat transfers can be made for the grandparents as well. Check them out below.



You can even go as far as finding matching designs for your masks during this pandemic. Yes, masks are a nuisance, but they are necessary for your safety and the safety of others. Why not take this opportunity to spice it up and make it an enjoyable experience with your significant other!

Stock Transfers takes your store’s vision and turns it into magic! Whether you’re looking for iron on printer paper, t-shirt decals, or even sublimation vinyl, our t-shirt transfers will create a renewed inventory so your customers can have more options.

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