Mixed Designs Reflecting Americans’ Mixed Feelings

We are always staying in trend with the latest political and cultural sentiments in the country! What we know for sure is that there have been some strong feelings in opposition towards the presidency in office and Republicans are not shying away from disagreeing, flagging slogans on T-shirts, and expressing their disapproval on social media. Neither is opposition is unusual, nor wearing funny USA mixed designs, and T-shirt decals! While these two political camps are getting even more polarized and vocal, we will be here to give your customers the space to joke about it and have the full freedom of speech and self-expression.

This month, in our mixed heat transfer designs for T-shirts we have also dropped some playful #420 suggestions that are simply never out of trend. What makes our heat press transfer designs the best in the marketplace is the social uptrends we pick up on the nose and the sense of humor that customers love and subscribe to! On top of that, we use the highest grade plastisol paper that works perfectly with vinyl T-shirt printing and standard heat press printers at your disposal. Customers today, more than ever, appreciate their freedom and the ability to put across their feelings through witty designs.

January is for mixed designs, mixed feelings, and entering the year on the right foot with who we are and how we want to see the world around us... Our latest additions convey individuality, self-appreciation, and pride for our position in society and as a person. Take a look at the following heat press transfer suggestions and think about how they can add variety to your store and reach new or old customers by tapping on their current ‘likes’ front and center.


Freedom + Gin

Freedom + Beer

Detox January is just a big fat cliché! Here we have a couple of Freedom & Booze heat transfer suggestions for those who choose not to comply and live a carefree and happy life. Remember that all our decals work with vinyl heat press machines rather than iron-on transfers for T-shirts.

We bet there are many of us feeling like that at the start of the New Year… Grab these funny mixed designs and produce the best response at your store display this season.

Too high to feel low


There’s no place for feeling low at the start of the year, especially if you have stashed some for the days that seem dreadfully long… Our plastisol heat transfers are here to cheer up your customers and remind them that there’s always a good reason to chin up when it’s feeling low!


We have featured the best of our USA heat transfer designs in our mixed section this month. The serving size is precisely 1 #FJB and we’re all proud to be called Americans.

To see more mixed designs in January’s hottest selling heat transfers for T-shirts, please check our category page and check out our latest suggestions for the month!


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