On the Way to Legalization - The Weed Designs

Countries around the world are slowly opening up to the idea of legalizing weed in various parts of the world. Why? Because legalizing marijuana can help boost economies, give people more job opportunities, and give investors more options on where to put their money. Also, this gives us more designs to spread around the market!

With the full legalization of weed in around 18 states of the United States of America, this created a huge market for us to tap into! It’s perfect for our industry because we now have a giant target audience to push these incredibly edgy weed designs on t-shirts. These heat transfers bring an entirely new outlook of vibrant and relevant designs to your tshirt decal store.

Don’t worry, having this in your repertoire can help you increase your profits by making sure your store stays relevant with the best of the best. Sticking to these new designs and adding them to your store will make sure you are playing to the right customers. Keep it up and you’ll see the footfall in your store increase by the day!

Here’s the kind of new Weed Designs and heat transfers that you can include in your store:

The Happy Smoker

Let’s talk science for a moment. Weed is proven to make you feel relaxed, amused, giggly, creative, or even hungry at times. This is where this design plays with the emotions of your customers. It takes the real and relevant effects of weed and turns it into a design that says NO BAD DAYS! That’s what smokers are looking for, a reassurance of their happiness with the substance. There will be no bad days at all when it comes to these designs, so make sure you include them in your inventory!

A Play on Words

These incredible heat transfers can even give your customers an interesting play on words. Just imagine what the tshirt decal would look like on a black, white, or even colored t-shirt when you transfer this design. It’s perfect design, edgy font, and urban vibe can really add a ton of life to your inventory. This design is one for the books because it combines so many things together. Quirkiness, wit, relevance, and urbanism into one!

Your customers are going to love it so much more than we do!

Let’s Ask Alexa

The amazing thing about these custom screen print transfers are the flexibility, the versatility, and the humor! We all know the popular Alexa from Amazon, now imagine asking her to roll the weed! Your customers would definitely crack up at this if they saw it. It would make them think, “Damn, I have to have this!”

When it comes to Stock Transfers, we make sure our research includes marketing relevance and the trends. With more and more countries riding the weed wagon, it’s the perfect time to set these up for your customers to enjoy a new trend in 2021!

Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers