Printed T-Shirts vs Regular T-Shirts? The Final Answer

T-shirts are one of the most comfortable and basic forms of clothing. You can really wear it anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re going out for a drink or sitting at home and streaming a movie, t-shirts provide comfort but they also give your customers a medium and a platform to show the world who they are.

That’s what Stock Transfers is based on. Our heat transfers are a form of expression which differentiates tshirt transfers from regular t-shirts. We have highlighted tons of reasons why your customers would be more interested in printed t-shirts rather than the plain, old, and boring regular t-shirts that anyone can find off the rack.


Let’s face it, this is the first thing your customer thinks about when it comes to tshirt decals. With printed t-shirts, the style is greatly elevated to the point that heads will turn when your customer is walking down the street. Your customer wants to be on a runway when they walk down the street!

With tons of tshirt designs that they can choose from, they can elevate their styles and confidence when you stock up on heat transfers from


We talked about the style, but did we mention variety? That’s what we can do for your tshirt store. You can select from tons of different forms of transfers such as printable heat transfer vinyl, iron on printer paper, digital screen printed transfers, and heat transfer decals for t shirts.

That’s the beauty of printed t-shirts. You, as the store owner, have so much to choose from and you can target a wide variety of demographics by stocking up on many different types of tshirt designs. Go crazy!


Printed t-shirts can give your customers a whole lot of things to say and express. Whether they want to show the world their favourite artists or they want to show some love to their country, they have the power to do so.

The great thing about tshirt decals and heat transfers is the message that comes with them. Your customers can show off whatever they want, show their voices very loudly, and tell the world what they truly believe in!


The world is filled with events that make people so passionate about fighting for a cause. Whether it is to support Breast Cancer patients or fighting alongside #BlackLivesMatter, heat transfers can allow you to give your customers exactly what they want. They can take their t-shirts to the protests and support those who are struggling.

At Stock Transfers we believe in the power of printed t-shirts. We can offer you t shirt designs that can change the world! Whether you want to go for inkjet heat transfer paper or iron on transfer paper, we can help you get your customers exactly what they need.

This is the year that you can forget about basic, regular t-shirts and start going for tshirt transfers that will give your customers a lively life!

Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers