Republicans Want What They Want


It’s not a surprise to anyone by now that Trump supporters can’t let go of Biden’s victory and the legacy that their Republican hero left along with his many passionate speech rallies… Even though he is still continuing to act elusive about his return to the 2024 ballot, the polls make one thing certain, the majority of the Republicans today want Trump to run again for president and they are not shying away from making their statement!


If you haven’t noticed already, Republicans all over the country are not subsiding to the current presidency. Donald Trump’s popularity is growing, similar to many of the slogans that came up in national rallies during his term. USA-themed heat transfers for T-shirts, hoodies and hats have been selling like hot cakes before and after Trump stepped out of his role as the nation’s chairman. T-shirt sellers in the Southeast have had a particularly worthy season using out heat transfers to reach local clientele and appeal to the right-wing masses.


The marketplace for our USA plastisol heat transfers is tremendous, only if you look closely at your local demographic and what your customers want… We offer the highest grade transfer paper at wholesale prices, which allows many shop owners to experiment with small batches of different design offerings for standard vinyl heat press machines and mini-press ones.


Have you checked in with your customers lately? What are the current moods and political frenzies that are cooking in your local communities? The best way to find out is by talking to customers, finding out about the T-shirt transfers they are after, and moving your printing business in this direction. Even if you haven’t started your T-shirt brand yet, all you need is a T-shirt press machine, a bunch of USA transfer designs, and the right target clientele for your ‘MAGA’ business venture. Remember that we work with a high-grade plastisol paper that is not compatible with the bog-standard iron-on transfer method for T-shirts.


USA Designs

Republicans never fail to question Biden’s victory! The majority of them still claim Trump to be the legitimate winner, which is why we have this 10 out of 10 heat transfer design in our USA library.


Everything Woke Turns to Shit


“Everything woke turns to shit” is a popular quote from one of Trump’s rallies in Alabama where he inspired the crowds to preserve their national heritage and not be a “loser”. We have the perfect heat transfer for T-shirts for those ones that jokingly want to subvert the opinions of the disbelievers and expatriates going against the common good!


Trump forever my president


Here’s another Trump-inspired heat transfer design for flag-wavers who want their hero back at the rally tables!


Even my cat hates biden

Even my dog hates biden


You don’t need expensive vinyl T-shirt printing machines for this one…just some sense of humor and understanding for what your customers need. Funny USA transfer designs are high in popularity amongst all age groups, men or women.



How politically impassioned are your customers? Here we have a couple of transfer designs that will resonate with older folk that show their strong support for the party not only in words but also through actions and lifestyle.


Check out some more USA heat transfer designs for vinyl heat press machines and make your pick! Always consider your customers and their tastes so you can make the most of our variety week by week, year by year…


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