Rhinestone Designs Mean Unique Individuality

Rhinestones are making a big comeback in today’s fashion climate of T-shirts and garments! Some of the most famous appearances of celebrities wearing Rhinestones happened in the early 70s up over until the late 90s. Glamorous Rock stars like David Bowie and pop icons such as Mariah Carrey, Britney Spears, and Cristina Aguilera followed the same glittery fashion trends in those years, showing off their tattoos, T-shirt transfer designs, and unique Rhinestones style in the limelight of public attention.

Now the Rhinestones trend has moved into a new era of showing the eccentricity and the stand-out style not only of celebs but also the everyday people! Heat transfers designs with Rhinestones present the fashion tastes of everyone with unique individuality, willing to dress differently than the rest. Our Bling library of plastisol heat transfers work for T-shirts, dresses, vests, and other garments which may look ordinary at first…but not after you add a glamorous rhinestone design on top!

If you’ve never tried to create T-shirt transfer designs with sparkles before, you may wonder about the technical aspect of it all. Will the rhinestones fall off during the heat press transfer? What to do with the plastisol when transferring your designs on T-shirts? Or how to make sure that you are doing the whole vinyl heat transfer correctly…There’s a simple answer to all of these questions. Our rhinestone heat transfer designs are made to stick to the fabric with ease and stay fixed when you apply the right temperature and pressure. Whether you are using a standard vinyl heat press for a T-shirt or a smaller easy press, make sure you have the settings you need for the rhinestone transfer design. If the instructions are followed correctly, the plastisol paper should unpeel easily, while the rhinestones remain intact and shiny on the T-shirt.

For this week, we have prepared some of the best rhinestone T-shirt transfer designs covering some of your customers’ favorite themes.

TikTok Queen

Lady Boss

There is no one loving rhinestone heat transfers more than women. Gen-Z has also revived the sparkly trend and girls now are choosing rhinestones not only for their garments and T-shirts but also as glam addition to their make-up and body art. The best and the most successful heat transfers are always the ones that the ladies adore and shop to be in line with the latest trends.

Trust God

We Grindin
Vings Rhinestones

It is not uncommon to see guys wearing T-shirts with original Rhinestone heat transfer designs. These customers typically have more out-of-the-box style and they would wear something unique to show who they are and how they feel about the world around them. Our trending Shiny Wing and Disney-themed designs will work for your vinyl heat transfers perfectly if you have customers who enjoy the edgy and different style ideas.

No Days Off Jesus Vibes

Black Love Jesus

In our new collection of Rhinestone plastisol heat transfers we have also featured some of our best Christian designs, Money Never Sleeps, and some of the traditionally well-selling sparkly skull designs. Depending on the taste and the unique style of your customers, we have something for everyone!