Salute the Nurses - Designs to Support them!

The world has been turned upside down because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no wonder that our health systems are taking the brunt of it. This is the time to show your nurse customers how proud we are of them, how much we need them, and how much we appreciate their duties and sacrifices. In the end, where would we be without them? How would our hospitals look like?

They are the unsung heroes of the world and its time to give them the spotlight! Stock Transfers has tons of heat transfers and tshirt decals that you can include in your inventory to make sure that those who need the encouragement can find it. T-shirts have the power to uplift the world, and this is your moment to do your part as a t-shirt store owner.


You have nurses of the world and then you have nurses of the United States of America. With so many people in the country still resistant to the vaccine and COVID-19 still spreading like wildfire, they deserve our utmost respect. These versatile custom screen print transfers can help the country become a better place. Nurses of the United States of America need that support from us and from your customers.

Show them the love!


Everyone needs a little faith. Whether in God or in themselves. This design brings the best of both worlds together. It combines the power of faith with the knowledge of science together. Nurses of the world need the helping hand in these dire times and whether your customers wear this because they are nurses or they wear this to support those they look up to, Stock Transfers can help your customers find the right way to show their love and pride.


The life of a nurse can be quite demanding. That’s why many of these designs can help nurses and nurse supporters uplift their moods and their lives with some incredible, versatile, and humorous designs. Whether you’re looking for tshirt transfers to appeal to your customers or want to diversify your store with tons of printable heat transfer vinyl, Stock Transfers has the library to get that done for you. Check out the entire website of designs by clicking the “View Collection” button at the top of this page and get exploring!


Let’s get something clear, nurses are superheroes and no one can deny that! They take on the world’s problems day and night and work very hard to make sure we are all safe and healthy. These t-shirt designs can add a great library to your store and bring in even more customers!

At Stock Transfers, we are always adding tshirt transfers that empower the most important occupations in our society. We strive to encourage and motivate your customers. This is your chance to give them exactly what they need to get the job done!

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