Sparkle Up Your Shelves In Trend

Everyone loves adding variety to their wardrobe now and then! Some days it just feels right to wear T-shirts and garments that show off your swagger and fine taste for bling... This is where we are now! We are on the glamour and chic train in the month of March with these edgy new additions to our heat transfers collection… 


That’s it! Once you feel the itch for experimenting with foil, glitter, and chenille, you can never go back to NOT loving everything about these mod new design styles on your garments. First, they are iconic and slightly vintage, because of their early origins in embroidery, crocheting, and the old-school thick-knitting of capital letters on sports teams’ varsity jackets. Now the trend of glitter, sparkles, and fluffy block capitals goes way beyond college and formal wear. It has, in fact, become everyday wear for young men and women who like to feel unique and show their sleek, every day, not just exclusively on a weekend!


So, what makes our chenille, foil, and glitter designs a  real gamechanger is not just the fact they are ultra trendy... It has actually more to do with how little work you need to do to attach these T-shirt transfer designs to your garments. The traditional go-to screen printing techniques for adding foil and glitter involve a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to bring your designs to their desired final look. That’s where we break the mold with our ready-made heat transfers, which you can apply directly on the T-shirts and achieve exactly what you envisioned, simply by using your vinyl press machine.


For real! All you need is some taste for bling, vintage, and up-trending T-shirt designs and you are ready to go. Our foil and glitter designs can be added to bright and dark garments regardless. They have all the sparkle they need to make every fabric shine without looking too much or too little! The themes are rather diverse so that you find something for all your customers and their personal tastes.


If you are already scrolling down over our chenille collection and thinking of giving it a go, we encourage you to do so! These charming letter fluffs have already become all women’s favorites, whether you decide to add them to hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts, or else. Use a standard vinyl press machine and don’t worry about damaging the soft yarn! These are made to withstand high temperatures so any heat press machine will do the trick. Unfortunately, though, iron-on heat transfer methods do not work with any of our foil, glitter, or chenille designs.

Glitter up your customers in the upcoming springtime! These heat transfer designs are so cheery that it’s hard not to give in to their sparkly charms. Some of these T-shirt designs work better for women while others are 100% unisex. Take your pick and watch out who will enjoy them the most…


God is Love


NOT Today Satan

Black Girl Magic

Jesus is King

Foil designs are for the hustlers, believers, stoners, and anyone that likes it differently…By that, we mean shiny & cheerful. These heat transfers can go with garments of all colors based on what you have in stock. We surely advise you to buy these wholesale because the demand for bling has never been higher!

Chenille comes for the French “caterpillar” because of the characteristic soft texture. These are also pretty popular amongst young women, millennials, gen Z, X, and simply anyone with a fine taste for the modern vintage. Get your vinyl press-ready because your customers are surely gonna love these chenille T-shirt designs hanging in your store. 


Don’t take too long to take your pick! Our new heat transfer additions are hot off the stove and extremely easy to use with any heat press machine. Browse our selection and place your order before everyone else!

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