St. Patrick in 2022 is All About Green Designs & High Moods

The day of green lush, festive street celebrations and cheering for everything Irish is only a month away from now. Every year on the 17th of March the entire country goes into a color-themed jubilee for Irish descendants and Americans from all religious backgrounds and ethnicities. This year will be no different!


There are over 70 million people with Irish roots who have set foot in countries all over the world.  A big percentage of this statistic, however, has formed a modern-day diaspora across the biggest cities in the US. That is equivalent to millions worth of T-shirt and garments sales in the weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, carrying the emerald sheen and the typical shenanigan humorous cheer. Heat transfer designs that score the highest in sales are always the ones that people feel at one with the green crowds and the celebrations of the cool leprechaun street party vibes on the day.


Heat transfer designs for Patrick's Day are normally bought wholesale by T-shirt vendors in every corner of the country where large city parades take place. This year as every year we expect to show face in Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Houston, and all along the east coast in the street parades of New York, Philadelphia, and Savannah.


We recommend that you start heating up your pressing machines and get to business before the end of February! Now it’s the time to hunt down on the hottest selling St’Patrick designs and to make the most of every day in the weeks before the celebrations. Our themed decal this year are traditionally mischievous, green, and ready to use on T-shirts, hoodies, scarves, and festive garments. There are no limitations to the sizes and shapes of fabric you can transfer your designs to, so you better be creative!


Our St.Patrick transfer designs are made of the highest grade plastisol paper that will last for many washes. They will be there to remind your customers of the jolly commemoration in the biggest year for street parties after the start of the pandemic… Be ready to get your heat press machines in action and give your locals the opportunity to join the Irish festivities in color and cheek. Check our witty suggestion below that any street shenanigan will love to wear in 2022…!



Here are some awesome green T-shirt design additions for all the mischievous ones who are “made in Ireland” or just “lucky” to be enjoying this year’s festivities. Your vinyl press will work perfectly with these decals on green and white garments.


We have come up with different varieties for this year street celebration for those customers who enjoy more subtle designs but ones with a lot of character. These plastisol heat transfers are amongst our hottest selling wholesale designs which kids, adults and teens can wear not only on Saint Patrick’s Day but on any other day! Customers simply love prints that make a beautiful memory for many years to come.



There will be plenty of lucky leprechauns on the streets in a little more than a month, drinking beer and celebrating the joys of life in themed 4 leaf clover designs! Is your heat press machine ready to meet the local demands for funny Irish designs this year?


To find out more about what we have in stock for this year’s St.Patrick’s Day check our full library and make your orders online now.


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