Stock Transfers Success Story - Jessica

Today we are speaking with Jessica, about her apparel and accessory business and how Stock Transfers has made things easier for her.

What do you offer and what is your specialty - and which accomplishments are you most proud of?

I provide a variety of items including Sublimation shirts, tumblers, and accessories. I’m most proud of my tumblers because I truly love to give my customers a creative piece of art.

In what ways have Stock Transfers been instrumental in your success?

I’ve been able to use the transfers to provide a different variety of shirts for everyone young and old!

What has been your experience with our transfers?

The experience with the transfers has been wonderful. They are so easy to apply to the shirts with no hassle of removing the top sheet after pressing them.

What do you enjoy most about Stock Transfers?

The different types of designs are the best!

What are your favorite Stock Transfer designs?

I love all of the boho-style transfers!



Would you recommend our transfers to your family or friends?

Yes, I would and I have!

Do you have any advice for beginners starting their t-shirt business?

I would say don’t get discouraged by not having everyone’s support. You will ultimately get more support from people you don’t know than those you know!

What is your favorite aspect of owning your own t-shirt business?

I can be as creative as I want with the items I make for my customers.

Are you selling your t-shirts online or in physical stores?

I sell my shirts online

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