The ALL NEW Rewards Program

We’ve been working really hard at Stock Transfers to make sure your business is up-to-date on the trends of heat transfers and printed t-shirt designs. Whether you’re looking for funny, edgy, trendy, or artistic designs we have them all.

It's our duty to help you make sure you have the tools to provide your customers with tons of tshirt decals from printable heat transfer vinyl all the way to the innovative iron on heat transfers.

With all these options to choose from in our library, we strive to make it easier for you to stock up on anything that you want. Now, we’ve released another feature to our website that anyone can benefit from! It’s the Stock Transfers Rewards Program that you can use to gather points, spend them on Transfers as if they were real money, and Stock up on t-shirt designs for all your customers.

How to Sign Up

Simply click on the GIFT icon at the bottom right of the screen when you open and the sign up page should pop up!


Click the big blue button that says JOIN NOW and fill out the information to create an account. It’s that simple and completely FREE! 

How do you benefit?

By completing simple tasks that take you about a minute or two, you can gather up points. Consider these points as a way of us giving back to you. The points you collect can be used as real money to buy transfers and t-shirt designs.

How to gain points?

  1. You get 200 points just by signing up for the rewards program.
  2. Every time you spend $1 on our website, you get 5 points! Imagine that. If you spend $100, you’ll get 500 points to spend again on transfers.
  3. If you follow us on Instagram or like our page on Facebook, that’s automatically 50 points for each one.
  4. When you refer a friend, you’ll automatically get 200 points as well. You friend will also get $5 for free to spend on the our website. Oh, and you’ll get $10 to spend as well.

That’s it! It’s quite easy, right? At Stock Transfers, all we care about is you and your store! This is the perfect program that you can use to get more designs and transfers, add them to your stores, and gather more customers.


Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers