The New Trends of the Month

You’re probably asking yourself, “what do my customers want" or “why aren’t I getting more footfall in my store?” Well, the answer to both those questions are TRENDS, TRENDS, TRENDS!

Trends are constantly changing. One day every is screaming over Facebook and the next they ditched it for TikTok because the trends have changed. That’s why Stock Transfers keeps up with the times, checks out the new trends out there, and makes sure you are giving your customers exactly what they need

The Urbanism Trend

Urbanism is all about modernity. Bringing life to the modern world! New York, Paris, Milan! These urban jungles are modern and artistic, and that’s the inspiration for these modern designs you can find on our website.

The TikTok Influencer

TikTok is on a rave right now and for good reason! The popular social media application gets around 1 BILLION USERS a month. That’s a big number! Whether you’re a TikTok girl, TikTok famous, or just a fan, these designs can give you a sense of belonging.

The Fun Atmosphere

When is fun never a trend? A better question is, when is Fun, sarcastic designs never a trend? That’s right, NEVER! These Fun heat transfers will always be in style no matter what year it is. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to stock up. At Stock Transfers, we make sure you are able to always update your t-shirt stores! It’s your turn to stick with the trends, follow what these kids like and dislike, and make sure you’re getting the right products.

Happy Transfers,

Stock Transfers