The Spooky Designs of the Year

Bring out the skeletons and cobwebs! The Halloween season is upon us. If you’re ready to witch up your stores and decorate it with ghouls, this is the right place to do it! There are tons of incredibly scary designs that you can choose from that will help your customers get into the groove of Halloween.



Who doesn’t love a witchy witch? We do! Witches are the essence of Halloween whether your customers wear some incredible witch hats or trick-or-treat on brooms, there is always something to say with a witchy quote. Our library is completely filled with incredible witch designs that will help your customers get into the evil spirit.



You’ve got some good witches and you’ve got some evil bad witches. Who wants to be the good witch? That’s right, no one! Your customers will, definitely, get a kick out of the bad witch designs. They can wear them with pride and witchy intents!


Casper, Bloody Mary, or the Flying Dutchman, it doesn’t matter which ghost you’re going after, ghosts are AMAZING! They move through walls, haunt houses, and scare the life out of you! That’s why your customers would love this playful and halloweeny BOO design!

At Stock Transfers, we LOVE Halloween! It’s filled with spooky tales, candy, and frights. Your customers would gasp at the incredible collection of Halloween designs that we have in our library. Check out the collection on our website


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