The Strength of Women: Designs that Empower

In this day and age empowerment is everything. It creates a sense of confidence to take on the world and project an image of a leader. When you look around the globe, women are taking leadership positions and dominating fields, creating innovative ideas, and changing society for the better.

This is where we applaud the power of women and encourage you to do the same with your store.

Women everywhere, from children to adults, are looking for designs that project their voices and showcases their strength. It gives them the medium to tell the world that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Adding these incredible designs to your store will place you above your competitors by engaging with your female audience the right and powerful way.

The Boss



We've seen women take on companies, countries, and the globe. Their positive and confident presence has created a platform for little girls all over the world to face the fact that a woman can do just as much as a man.

These designs can help your female customers embrace their strong nature by playing to their dreams of becoming leaders and bosses.

Yes, We Can

It’s been a tough road over the years. Misogyny and sexists are rampant in every industry imaginable. However, your female customers have the intelligence and power to brush that aside.

Why? Because women empowerment is a marvelous thing to behold. The very idea can motivate a young girl to prove those naysayers wrong and be whomever they want to be when they grow up.








With this design, you are targeting a very important topic in the world while also empowering your customers to achieve their dreams. It plays to their confidence and drive to be number one in any field they desire.

Whether it is the medical field, creative field, or a field that is predominantly for men. Nothing can stop your customers with this incredible design.

When you add these designs to your inventory, you are setting a great standard for your store. You are contributing to the empowerment of women and increasing your positive reputation because of this.

Stock Transfers creates some of the best designs that you can use to expand your market.