Travel the Cities with these Urban Designs

When you talk about the happenings of the world, it can get a bit overwhelming on how to keep up with the events. Your customers turn to you to look for what is popular, what is relevant, and what can make a difference.Your customers are looking for the next BIG thing in tshirt decals. It could be something funny, something trendy, or even something religious. Though, the new trend on everyone’s mouth is Urban Designs. That is the new trend of heat transfers that you need to get your hands on!

What is Urban designs to begin with?

To put it simply, urban relates to cities. In design, urban has many different meanings. It could mean modern, edgy, and dynamic designs, especially when it comes to heat transfer t shirt designs.

But why? What makes them the "talk of the town"?

Urban t-shirt designs combine the modern with a powerful message. These designs bring a sense of activism, courage, and unique voices to your customers. Your store can be stocked up with urban, custom heat transfers that play to the strengths of those who walk in, while also giving them a platform to express their opinions.


#blacklivesmatter   #BlackLivesMatter

We all know the popular movement that has traveled far and wide in the United States of America. It’s a platform where black citizens can express their frustration and voices to a system that has let them down. It sparked with the death of George Floyd but the frustration and mistreatment from people of the law has been going on for decades, or even centuries!

Your customers are looking for tshirt decals that will help them make a difference, spread their beliefs, and fight the system that has done them wrong! With protests sweeping the streets, this is your chance to give them another platform to voice their thoughts with some of these incredible tshirt transfers. Through these urban designs, you can target a wide range of activists who just want to be heard.



When it comes to urban designs, the aesthetic is everything. This means your customers are looking for cool and hip fonts, words, and messages that keep them on their toes. This way, they can travel through cities with incredible symbols and designs.

As the owner of a tshirt store, Stock Transfers can help you make you inventory vibrant, diverse, and trendy! You can select from a wide variety of products from heat press t shirt designs to heat press paper for shirts.

There is no limit, let your imagination run!



The great thing about urban designs is their power to showcase identities. With captivating fonts and phrases that tell the world who your customers are and what they aspire to be.Your customers are looking for t shirt decals that speak to who they are, what they believe in, and where they want to go.

That’s the entire point of urban design. Its secret superpower is the ability to take what your customer feels and project it to those who walk by.



With Stock Transfers, you have the ability to keep up with the trends and give your customers exactly what they want. The world is constantly changing and your store needs the right partner to stay up-to-date.


We got you!

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