Urban Is The Comfy Style Choice This Month

Urban fashion started as a comfort-driven style for skaters that reflected the street culture vibe and made convenience-based clothing that people could wear while boarding. Eventually, the urban style transcended far beyond the skateboarders’ community and its label of a snug street choice by young men after comfortable everyday wear. Over the years, street fashion has evolved to match the likings of people of all ages, belief systems, and gender. Regardless of how active the modern person is, or how often they do sports, urban fashion T-shirt designs are here to match everyone’s tastes by putting their comfort & freedom of self-expression at the forefront.

The New Year should be welcomed with heat transfers for T-shirts that mirror local communities, their day-to-day lives, and the laidback street style that people need as they carry out their routine activities! This is why for this month, we chose to feature urban heat transfer designs that speak of comfort and simplicity. Our street selection works for vinyl T-shirt printing and a standard T-shirt press machine, which could be set at the correct operation settings. The two main themes in January are Urban designs and Black Lives Matter T-shirt transfer prints. Our heat press transfers are made of high-grade plastisol paper that will give you impeccable prints, clear contours, colors, and contrast that will get your inventory to SELL!

My Black is Dope

This year is also about fearlessness, personal motivation, and equal rights! My Black is Dope endorses the black-owned urban style and encourages people to stay real and dope!! The culture of hard work and black pride is everywhere in our heat press transfer designs this January…Grab them on wholesale before MLK day!

Hood Hero

Legend In the Making

Here’re some more vinyl T-shirt press suggestions that every urban kid would love despite their race, belief systems, or fashion preferences. Street and comfy T-shirts designs for your press machines are here to boost your customers’ confidence and give them a kick start into the year!

Honesty & Respect

Respect my Grind

Last but not least, we show respect to the hard grind of hustlers and everyone working hard to make their goals happen! These urban transfer designs for vinyl press will make a great addition to your stores for the Black Lives Matter commemoration later this month.
To find out more street-style heat transfers for T-shirts, you can check our Urban section under the View Collection tab.

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